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Pope Francis greets pilgrims during his weekly general audience

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Who is Jesus?

The source and the fount of the Catholic faith, Christ and the Eucharist

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Under the altar 3

'Suffer the little children'

The eternal, catholic, Church, based on the parishes 

Photo: Littlies under the altar in St Canice's, Elizabeth Bay, Sydney. Copyright CathNews

  • International
    On a visit to the European Parliament and the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, France, the Pope has warned European leaders that the continent risks irrelevance if it doesn't recover ...
  • Vatican
    Pope Francis assembled all the current heads of the Vatican's major offices on Monday. His purpose? To explain the blueprint for Curial change, writes the National Catholic Reporter. ...
  • International
    Reunification of the Catholic and Orthodox Churches could be near, an Orthodox spokesman has said, as Pope Francis prepares his visit to Turkey on Friday, Global Pulse Magazine reports. ...
  • Health
    Calvary Hospital in the ACT has refused to admit its failure to fully investigate a Canberra mother's liver tumour directly caused an incurable cancer, writes The Canberra Times. ...
  • Society
    Indonesia's Bishops have told the country's top court that they support interfaith marriage, and that laws which could restrict mixed unions are discriminatory, reports. ...
  • Feature
    Brazil’s National Conference of Bishops is forming a commission to delve deeper into a request from one of its bishops to ordain married community elders to address a shortage of ...
  • Opinion
    Christmas has become so debased in Britain that Tim Stanley is all for renaming it to avoid confusion with the real thing, reports The Catholic Herald. ...
  • Health
    A lack of understanding of the cycle of life, and a missing connection to God, have contributed to "Ebola panic" in Europe, North America, and Australia, contends a Church health ...

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