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Pope Francis greets pilgrims during his weekly general audience

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Who is Jesus?

The source and the fount of the Catholic faith, Christ and the Eucharist

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Under the altar 3

'Suffer the little children'

The eternal, catholic, Church, based on the parishes 

Photo: Littlies under the altar in St Canice's, Elizabeth Bay, Sydney. Copyright CathNews

  • International
    A personal appeal by Pope Francis played a key role in finalising a deal to open relations between the United States and Cuba for the first time in 53 years ...
  • Politics
    Prime Minister Tony Abbott has refused to link murderer and hostage taker Man Haron Monis with Islam, saying that people do not blame the Pope for the IRA, reports The ...
  • Health
    Two Catholic midwives who refused to take part in any abortion procedures have lost their legal battle to be treated as "conscientious objectors," The Telegraph of London reports. ...
  • Society
    Catholic leaders have urged Indonesia's President to commute the death sentences of five people set to be executed before the end of the year, amid a marked increase in capital ...
  • Arts
    A postgraduate student at the British Library has discovered what has proved to be the earliest example of polyphonic choral music, The Guardian reports. ...
  • Feature
    American TV satirist Stephen Colbert is leaving his eponymous show to replace David Letterman on The Late Show. But when funnnyman Colbert dares to get real, he's surprisingly passionate about ...
  • Opinion
    While the horrible tragedy was underway in Martin Place this week a remarkable thing happened. We saw, and continue to see, a powerful sense of compassion for the people who ...
  • Information
    CathNews will be taking a break over the holiday period, and will return on Monday, January 19. ...

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