The latest from the Vatican

Pope Francis greets pilgrims during his weekly general audience

Photo: St Peter's Square, May 28, 2014. Copyright Giulio Napolitano. Shutterstock Image ID 195361532


Who is Jesus?

The source and the fount of the Catholic faith, Christ and the Eucharist

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Under the altar 3

'Suffer the little children'

The eternal, catholic, Church, based on the parishes 

Photo: Littlies under the altar in St Canice's, Elizabeth Bay, Sydney. Copyright CathNews

  • Politics
    Labor leader Bill Shorten will force Federal Parliament to deal with same-sex marriage next week via a private member's bill co-sponsored by deputy leader, Tanya Plibersek, reports The Sydney Morning ...
  • National
    The former Bishop of Ballarat Ronald Mulkearns held "pivotal" responsibility for failing to prevent widespread child sexual abuse at Catholic schools there, his former secretary has told the Royal Commission ...
  • Vatican
    Pope Francis said that since being elected Pope, he misses being able to “go out in the streets,” or even “going to a pizzeria to eat a good pizza ...
  • Vatican
    The 2014 net profit of the Vatican Bank has soared, recovering from the expense of last year’s extraordinary overhaul of the organisation’s governance, reports The New York Times in Crux ...
  • Society
    The Mary MacKillop Foundation is asking not-for-profit organisations and groups to become a 2016 Program Partner, and receive a grant of up to $10,000, to help the most vulnerable ...
  • Opinion
    Before we begin the ringing of new bells for prayer, we must listen to hear if they are already being rung, writes Alice Priest in The Good Oil. ...
  • Information
    The Broken Bay Institute will hold its 2015 eConference on June 23. It is titled Religion: Catalyst for Violence or Peace? Probing the Abrahamic Traditions for Answers. ...
  • Feature
    "The religious fabric of the San Francisco archdiocese has been torn, and it did not need to happen. Intentionally or not, it has been wrenched," said Thomas Sheehan, a ...

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