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Pope Francis greets pilgrims during his weekly general audience

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Who is Jesus?

The Eucharist is "the source and summit of the Christian life."

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'Suffer the little children'

The eternal, catholic, Church, based on the parishes 

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St Peters at Christmas

St Peter's Square at Christmas

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  • Safeguarding
    Silence and denials are unacceptable when the Church is presented with an accusation that a priest has sexually abused a child, said the Vatican’s top investigator of abuse cases. Source: ...
  • Religious Freedom
    The push to protect LGBT students from discrimination in religious schools has suffered a setback with a Senate report calling the proposed bill “flawed”. Source: The Age. ...
  • Opinion
    It’s time voters sent a message to politicians that boat turnbacks and the punitive treatment of refugees and asylum-seekers need not be a feature of the upcoming federal election, writes ...
  • Schools
    A call to action has gone out to Catholic schools in Melbourne to consider purchasing fair trade coffee, tea and chocolate. Source: Melbourne Catholic. ...
  • Employment
    Out-of-work Australians “suffer” under the Coalition’s $7.3b employment services program, according to a Senate report that has led welfare groups to accuse the government of imposing a “nightmare” on ...
  • Families
    Since it was set up in 2012, Brisbane’s Pregnancy Crisis Incorporated safe house has helped many women birth their babies – and now it has had its first in-house delivery ...
  • Pro-Life
    Thousands of Catholics took to the streets of several major cities across the Philippines on Saturday for the third annual “Walk for Life” march to voice concerns over threats to ...
  • Francis
    Pope Francis has asked for prayers for a meeting of the presidents of bishops’ conferences, which is due to take place later this week. Source: CNA. ...