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Pope Francis greets pilgrims during his weekly general audience

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Who is Jesus?

The source and the fount of the Catholic faith, Christ and the Eucharist

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Under the altar 3

'Suffer the little children'

The eternal, catholic, Church, based on the parishes 

Photo: Littlies under the altar in St Canice's, Elizabeth Bay, Sydney. Copyright CathNews

  • International
    Four US Catholic publications with a broad range of audiences have come together in a joint editorial citing Church leaders in calling for an end to the death penalty in ...
  • Education
    Parramatta Marist School in western Sydney is bringing education into the 21st century, ditching the traditional classroom layout in favour of open spaces, couches, and sliding glass walls, reports The ...
  • International
    Religious orders in England have stagnated due to a drift into consumerism and preoccupation with money and finance, according to a leading historian of monastic life, reports The Tablet. ...
  • Feature
    Elizabeth Scalia is an American Catholic editor, writer, speaker and managing editor of the Catholic portal at, where she blogs as The Anchoress. Here she discusses her work ...
  • International
    US Cardinal Timothy Dolan has described Islamic State militants terrorising the Middle East as a distortion of “genuine” Islam, much as the Irish Republican Army was a “perversion” of Catholicism ...
  • Education
    The National Catholic Education Commission has welcomed yesterday’s release of the My School 2015 data and the recognition of schools that are showing strong improvement in student outcomes. ...
  • International
    Jesuit priest Fr Alexis Prem Kumar, who was held captive by the Taliban in Afghanistan for more than eight months, has revealed how prayer and Vatican Radio kept him going ...
  • Film Review
    Eastern Boys is a romance wrapped in a thriller, combining elements of social commentary. It deals with significant themes – immigration, prostitution, homosexuality – with an eye to a fundamental ...

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