As Christians we are all involved in varying ways in the one mission: to bring about the fullness of life for all peoples in all places and times as Jesus ardently desired.

"Christ carries out his mission through the Church." This Mission consists of "... witness ... dialogue, human promotion, commitment to justice and peace, education and the care of the sick, and aid to the poor and to children." (RM. No 9 & 20)

The themes and content of this section are inspired by the thirtieth anniversary of Pope Paul VI's teaching entitled Evangelii Nuntiandi, Evangelisation in the Modern World (EN) published in 1975. Fifteen years later in 1990 John Paul II published Redemptoris Missio, The Mission of the Redeemer (RM) where he developed further Paul VI's main ideas. Together these two documents are regarded as the guiding foundation of the Church's mission.

This material is from Proclaim Life for All, Adult Education Study Guide for World Mission Sunday, 23 October 2005. Produced by Catholic Mission. Copyright © 2005.

To enhance the celebration of World Mission Day, Catholic Mission has developed a series of Worksheets on mission for use in classrooms (Kindergarten through to Year 9), faith education classes, and parish based catechetical programs. Also available are Teachers Notes with further theological background, liturgies, and resources to aid the teacher. All the resources are available on the Catholic Mission portal.