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"No one can be excluded from the mercy of God," the Pontiff said, announcing the Jubilee of Mercy. Some of Australia's Archbishops and Bishops reflected on the Mercy of God for CathNews Perspectives during the year.

Pope with young people

"Blessed indeed are they who can forgive, who show heartfelt compassion, who are capable of offering the very best of themselves to others." - Pope Francis evangelising at World Youth Day 2016.

Our Mission 1

Mission is fundamental to the Church. Mission is our reason for being, to continue Jesus' mission on earth. It can be said that Jesus' mission has a Church rather than the Church has a mission.

Jesus Mary and Martha

Women should take on greater responsibility in the Church, Pope Francis said early in 2014. 'Women's "gifts of delicateness, special sensitivity and tenderness" make them uniquely poised to share pastoral roles with men.'

Pope Francis hears confession

The sacrament of reconciliation loomed large in the experience of yesterday's Catholics. It remians essential to our lives as Christians, bringing us back to unity with God, as Pope Francis reminds us in words and actions. 

Christ blesses the children

The Church continually reminds parents that it is they who have the privilege and the responsibility of evangelising their children. If it is to be successful, evangelisation must build on the innate spiritual nature of each child.