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Australian Catholic Council for Employment Relations

Calling for Changes

“ACCER has also called for changes in relation to the setting of minimum wages in order to protect the financial position of families and to make fairness the primary obligation of the wage-setting authority,” he said.

“The wage-setting function should be returned to the Australian Industrial Relations Council and all members of the Australian Fair Pay Commission should be appointed to the Australian Industrial Relations Commission.”

There should be a return to a fair safety net of minimum terms and conditions to underpin both collective and individual employment agreements; a return to the 1996 no-disadvantage test; and the termination of existing agreements that do not comply with that standard.

“ACCER rejects the recently introduced fairness test as insufficient,” Mr Lawrence said.

Mr Lawrence said ACCER does not oppose statutory individual agreements, providing they meet the no-disadvantage test and do not prejudice or frustrate the rights of workers to pursue collective employment agreements.

ACCER’s examination found that Work Choices can frustrate the ability of workers to act collectively and can frustrate unions in the representation of their members’ interests, thereby making the right to union membership devoid of any meaning and effect in the workplace.

It called for a return to the previous unfair dismissal scheme, introduced in 1996, on the basis that unfair dismissal rights should not be dependent on the size of the employer’s undertaking.

For more information contact Brian Lawrence on 0402 103 184. A PDF version of the book can be accessed at

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