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Australian Catholic Council for Employment Relations

Changes Are Needed To Make Work Choices Fairer
Media Release: June 30 2007

The Catholic Church’s employment relations body has today called for further changes to be made to the Work Choices legislation in order to promote fairness in Australian workplaces and achieve a proper balance between the rights of employers and the rights of workers.

The Australian Catholic Council for Employment Relations (ACCER) has called for the changes in its new book, Workplace Relations: A Catholic Perspective, an examination of Catholic social teaching on work and workers’ rights and on related economic and social issues.

The book also examines concerns expressed by the Catholic Bishops in November 2005 when the Work Choices legislation was before the Parliament, in which they questioned whether Work Choices would promote truly co-operative employment relations and ensure the protection of the poor and vulnerable.

In particular, the Bishops raised concerns with the Government’s legislation regarding the minimum wage, minimum conditions and bargaining, unfair dismissals and the role of unions.

ACCER Chairman, Mr Brian Lawrence, said ACCER had considered each of the four areas identified by the Bishops and tested the relevant parts of the legislation against Catholic social teaching.

He said ACCER found that Work Choices does not provide proper balance between the rights of employers and the rights of workers and changes are needed to address this.

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Copyright © Australian Catholic Council for Employment Relations, 30 June 2007


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